Susnata Goswami

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Susnata Goswami

Tell   me  your  thoughts   and   lemme   turn  them  into   reality!

Susnata Goswami

I  am   into   Machine   Learning  and  Data  Science

Susnata Goswami

Living  with   hackneyed   opinions

Susnata Goswami

A  cinephile.  An   Audiophile 

Susnata Goswami

I  hope  you  have  a  great  day  ahead!

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Hey! I am Susnata, a Computer Science Engineering student at University Of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. I like to experiment upon different spectrum and incorporate new skills

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My Skills Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Ethical Hacking, Photography, Photoshop manipulations, Video Editing, Content Writing and Surviving!


ICSE(10th standard)
ISC(12th standard)
SGPA(First Year)

High SchoolSt. Augustine's Day School , Barrackpore, West Bengal, India

CollegeUniversity Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata, India |   Batch: 2019-2023

ProgrammingPython, Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

Mostly Used Experienced Intermediate Beginner

My Projects

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An  OpenCV  project,  inspired  from  the  MIT  AI  group,  that  detects  your  pulse-rate  without  any  physical  contact

You just need a webcam attached to your laptop!

DND: Do Not Drowse

Machine  Learning  based  program  that  alarms  you  when  you  fall  asleep  while  driving  your  car

Sentiment Analysis

Another  ML  program  focussing  on  sentiment  analysis  of  an  article

Blue Detect

A  program  with  the  aim  of  aiding  the  color  blind  people  to  have  a  notion  about  the  presence  of  RGB.  The  program  isn't  completed,  it  detects  the  blue  color  till  now

Corona Virus Stats

A  web  scrapping  program  that  shows  the  statistical  view  of  the  COVID-19  affected  people  around  the  globe

A Hotel Website

HTML  and  CSS  based

Financial Accounting Website

 HTML  and  CSS  based

Sign to Speech

An  ongoing  project  to  convert  Sign  Language  to  Speech

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Feel   free   to  contact  me   anytime!  Also,  you  can  email   me  at     for   any   questions,  requests   or  potential  internship   opportunities

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